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Career Training Programs in Toronto

All career training programs must be evaluated based on what they can do for you. The ESL in Canada career consultants can assist with the best school and program for you.
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This is one program at one school in Toronto:

Diploma in Business Administration

Introduction to Management 
This course introduces students to the concept of management by exploring the roles and functions of managers in a business environment. The purpose of the course is to enhance the students' understanding of the elements of the management processes of planning, organizing, directing and controlling organizational activities. The course is designed to build a foundation of knowledge needed in future management courses. 

Business Law
The course provides students with an overview of business law and an understanding of basic legal terminology. Since contracts form the heart of business operations, a significant portion of the course is dedicated to contract law and various legal issues arising from contract disputes. Class topics and discussions will draw on examples from current news media reports on legal cases. Knowledge of the court system includes field trips to the law courts when court schedules permit. 

Managerial Accounting
This course introduces the student to the theory, principles and applications of fundamental business accounting. The course begins by introducing the student to the standard, time honoured accounting principles. The course will advance to apply accounting principles to specific financial statements, and detailed accounting transactions. The course finishes by familiarizing the student with the skills necessary to efficiently classify relevant business accounts culminating in the completion of the basic accounting cycle. 

Financial Management
This introductory course is designed to expose students to financial issues and concerns of general managers in modern business. Focusing on how to use financial management to make decisions, this course provides students with all of the practical skills needed to succeed in business. Content includes examples of how Canadian companies adapted financial policies to recent financial crisis; as well as coverage of such topics as break-even analysis, shareholder value and financial statements. 

Strategic Analysis
This course is designed to expose students to the issues and concerns of general managers in modern business. The course content builds on foundation concepts from the Introduction to Management course. Using case studies, students will analyze corporate strategies focusing on opportunities and problems in the context of the external and internal environments of companies. Important element of the analysis is how managers make strategic decisions for the success of the organization. 

Human Resources Management
This course introduces theory, principles and applications of human resources from a managerial perspective. Operational issues such as HR planning, recruiting, job analysis, performance management and employee development, are some of the practical issues covered. The course ends with a look at international issues in HR management for companies operating in the global environment. 

Organizational Behaviour
This course introduces students to the concepts of organizational behaviour and their application in today’s business environments. Students will develop insights into how the behaviour of individuals and groups impact on the organization. Further, they will learn to apply the theories and concepts to develop effective managerial competencies in such areas as teamwork, motivation, decision making and leadership. 

Managerial Communications
The ability to communicate well is an essential requirement for all employees of an organization. In this course we explore the importance of communication in business and cross-cultural environments; students also compose various forms of written communication and prepare and deliver a formal business presentation. 

International Business
This course introduces students to globalization and to the value-adding activities of businesses in the current global economy. First we discuss the impact of national cultures on doing business globally. In addition, we examine the external forces that impact businesses, international organizations, legal and labor forces in the global context. Further, the course touches on strategic alliances and the impact of rapid environmental changes on strategic planning for international business. 

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to marketing concepts and terminology. It examines the importance of marketing within organizations and society in general. Students will study the major components of a marketing plan, the marketing mix and consumer relationships. They will learn how to address the basic needs of companies in planning, developing, and managing products, distribution channels, promotion and pricing.

ProgramWeeksHoursTuitionBooks Other
International Fees
Certificate in Business Management Clerk8168$3,390$250$0$0
Certificate in Financial Management and Planning Officer16336$6,230$500$0$0
Certificate in Human Resources Clerk8168$0$0$0$0
Certificate in International Business and Trade Clerk8168$3,390$250$0$0
Diploma in Business Administration40840$0$0$0$0
Diploma in Business Administration Co-op661410$15,480$1,250$0$825
Diploma in Customer Service26546$9,640$500$0$0
Diploma in Customer Service (Evening)48546$9,640$500$0$0
Diploma in Customer Service co-op501074$9,640$500$0$825
Diploma in Customer Service co-op (Evening)921410$9,640$500$0$825
Diploma in Supervisory Management16336$6,230$500$0$0
Hospitality Management26760$9,640$1,300$0$0
Hospitality Skills Co-op Certificate26570$5,470$375$0$825
International Business Management26546$9,640$750$200$0
International Business Management Co-op501074$9,640$750$0$825
Tourism and Hospitality Management361080$13,290$1,320$0$0
Tourism and Hospitality Management Co-op742226$13,290$1,320$0$825
Travel & Tourism28840$10,370$1,000$0$825

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